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GL 1800 Honda Goldwing® Suspension Lowering Bracket

MADE IN USA - Pat. Pending

Located in Northern Ohio

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Tom Smith's Goldwing - Owner Lowerwing Products, LLC

This product was designed by a “vertically challenged” journeyman machinist and former motorcycle road racer to increase the handling capabilities and stability of the GL 1800 Honda Goldwing® for the shorter rider.


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Drop 1" on the seat height, but lose only 1/2" on the bottom.

Product Features:

  • Lowers the bike 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4” under stock height

  • 1-1/4" under stock height - maximum suggested weight is 300 lbs. 1" under stock height is for the majority.

    3 Sizes Available!

  • Made from 6061 Billet Aluminum; tested and proven stronger than the original Honda bracket

** Aftermarket center-stands are now available as a highly recommended accessory with the lowering bracket. **

This center-stand is narrower in the "up" position than the stock center-stand is, noting that the stock stand is usually the first thing to hit anything underneath. The stock stand is very difficult to use with the lowering bracket installed. This modified center-stand goes up very nicely.

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Lower Wing Products offers a money back guarantee of your purchase price (excluding shipping) if you are not satisfied with your new bracket. You must call to request a refund.


August 2014

Warnings and Safety :

The lowering bracket was designed to increase handling capabilities for the shorter rider, however, cornering capabilities are slightly reduced with the installation of the new lowering bracket.*

Pat. Pending

*Please see installation instructions for more details.

Mission Statement

To introduce accessibility to a broader range of Goldwing enthusiasts who were previously unable to enjoy what we believe to be the greatest touring bike ever made safely and comfortably.

Why Lower?

  • Increase the handling capability for shorter riders

  • Lower your overall seat height

  • Stay on 2 wheels longer

  • Less tippy toes at stops

  • Better control when stopped or maneuvering

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