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Miami, Florida-
April 2015

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Alan - October 2013

Gerard - Canada-
August 2012

March 2012

Thanks Again

March 2012

Thanks so much,

September, 2011


September, 2011


J. Jones-
November, 2010

Thanks again!

NL Canada

November, 2010


Alexandra - NJ
March, 2011

Again thanks and God bless.




Thanks again!


Jim O.-
Alabama - 3/9/2010


Lincoln, KS

Overall, I am very satisfied with the bracket (wish I could have done this sooner)


I found that by setting the preload to the max I was able to get the bike on the center stand but it is a little tuff and not everyone would be able to so the ride on center stand is a good idea and if I get some extra money I may get one just to make life easy. I have a 28 inch inseam and with the preload set at 5 I can sit my but down in the seat and my back against the back rest and I am able to flat foot both feet. The only way I could do that before was to slide up and lean forward.

I measured the difference in height to 0 preload and 25 preload before I installed your bracket and it was ¾ of an inch so with your bracket and my preload at 25 I am ¾ of an inch lower than the stock setup at 0 preload.

Thank You for making this product. I wish you had done it 5 years ago - I would have saved some money on aftermarket seats trying to do what your bracket does.

San Diego, CA | 2003 GL 1800 Candy Red


Thanks again for such a great product. I will keep you up to date on my experiences with your lowering bracket.

Garry & Kerry-
Tucson, AZ

  1. I own a '06 1800 GW. I have dropped it twice because of my inseam of 29" (and being stupid ). The 1800 was lowered 1" on the front forks and 1 and 1/2" on the rear.
  2. After the modification, I can now touch the ground with both feet flat. The bike handles better and has a lower center of gravity. I had considered several other options before your modification which range in cost from four to eight thousand dollars. This is my 3rd GW and my 8th cycle.
  3. I will need to do the kick stand grinding at the "V" because I like a little more lean on the stand. This is the only problem I have found other then it is much harder to get it on the center stand but I fixed that problem by rolling the back wheel on a block of wood. I intend to have the center stand shortened.

Thank you for inventing a life saver, it has meant a great deal to shortys like me.

Midwest City, OK

So if I had to describe your product it would be FANTASTIC !!! Thanks for your help




New Zealand

Mission Statement

To introduce accessibility to a broader range of Goldwing enthusiasts who were previously unable to enjoy what we believe to be the greatest touring bike ever made safely and comfortably.

Why Lower?

  • Increase the handling capability for shorter riders

  • Lower your overall seat height

  • Stay on 2 wheels longer

  • Less tippy toes at stops

  • Better control when stopped or maneuvering

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